Jet Tyre Wax – 5lt

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JET TYRE WAX – 400 ml tin, 5 litre bucket, 20 litre drum –  is a polish for all makes of road tyres, exterior rubber and plastic trimming, tow hitch covers, running boards and other plastic or rubber parts. Made of a combination of nourishing, protecting waxes, oils and colourants. JET TYRE WAX will enhance the look of your vehicle whilst adding protection against water, mud and dust.

Applications – Apply using a brush or a cloth. Apply sparingly to cover the surface, then polish to a high gloss shine.

Precautions – Store in a cool dry place below 25⁰C out of direct sunlight. Keep the lid of the container firmly in place when not in use or the product will dry out. Do not ingest or apply to skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use on moving parts in engines. Do not use on tyre treads.

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