Chain Cleaner 500ML Concentrate

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Product Dimensions – 250mm x 85mm x 50mm

Packaging – 24 x 500ml per case

Ingredients – Chelating agent, Sodium, Tripolyphosphate, Surfactant, Dye, Aqua

Instructions – Using a PREPSOL Chain Cleaning Tool, follow instructions received with the tool. Alternatively spray, soak, wipe or brush the chain, cogs and linkages with PREPSOL CHAIN CLEANER, applying liberally on heavy deposits – leave for 10 Minutes and then wash off with a jet of water to leave your chain and drives sparkling clean. Ensure that all debris has been removed – if not, apply a second spray and wash. Wipe the chain clean with a clean, lint free cloth and ensure it is dry before lubricating. PREPSOL Chain Cleaner is water soluble and safe on most paintwork, aluminium, plastic and rubber. It contains no acids or abrasives and is free from caustic.

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Dimensions 250 × 85 × 50 mm

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