Is Prepsol water-based?2020-06-25T10:37:49+02:00

Yes, Prepsol is a water-based, non-caustic, non-abrasive cleaning degreaser.

What sizes do you supply?2020-06-25T10:51:47+02:00

We supply Prepsol in a large variety of sizes and quantities

  • 500ml Squeeze
  • 500ml Trigger Spray
  • 5L
  • 25L
  • 210L
  • 1000L Flow Bin

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Is Prepsol flammable?2020-06-25T10:44:00+02:00

No, Prepsol is a water-based degreaser and non-flammable.

Do we deliver?2020-06-25T10:44:32+02:00

Yes, we deliver locally and to select major cities and towns.

Where are you based?2020-06-25T10:45:50+02:00
Where can we buy Prepsol?2020-06-25T10:46:43+02:00

Please clickΒ HEREΒ for supplier list.

Is Prepsol harmful to sensitive materials?2020-06-25T10:47:15+02:00

No, Prepsol cleans in an environmentally way leaving no oily residue and can simply be washed away with a hose or jet of water.

Does Prepsol come in 20L containers?2021-01-25T08:49:47+02:00
Prepsol Degreaser - 25L

Prepsol comes in a 25L, giving you so much more!

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Is Prepsol corrosive, abrasive or caustic?2021-01-25T08:56:25+02:00

All Prepsol products are non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-caustic, leaving a clean streak free surface.